Buyer’s Guide

Finding Professional Guidance

Buying a new home may seem like a daunting task, which is why you need a pro at your side. Coldwell Bankers Wallace real estate agency renders buying a home a breeze, offering a holistic approach to buying a new home. From setting up the preapproval process to conducting the home search, final inspection, and closing, Coldwell Bankers will guide you through the entire process step by step.

What makes a perfect new home? Many factors contribute to the quality of a home, including price, neighborhood, square footage, and design. Understanding your priorities as a buyer will serve as a north star on your journey to a new dwelling place. Ultimately, you will only know for sure if a home is a good fit when you see it in person, which is why the home viewership and inspection process is so important.

A Comprehensive Home Search

Hiring an experienced real estate agency can help with promptly identifying properties for sale, negotiating the ask price, and managing the procurement details of the transaction. By choosing Coldwell Bankers as your real estate agency, you’ll benefit from our large repertoire of skills and experience when it comes to producing the best results for our clients. Our agency works closely with our partner networks to scope the market for amazing properties before they are found by others, giving you the upper hand.

We operate with complete disclosure, confidentiality, and rigor to analyze your priorities as a buyer and manage your contract, title, and transaction details. With close attention to every part of the process, we will assist you every step of the way and make sure that mandatory items are signed and delivered before closing day. By systematically addressing each criteria with thorough planning, buying a home with Coldwell Bankers is a seamless and streamlined process.

Home Evaluation and Inspection

Setting the right priorities for your dream property and defining the right target price is a crucial part of the home search process. By accessing Multiple Listings Service (MLS) and implementing a comparative market analysis (CMA), our experts will optimize your search parameters to identify great deals. Once prospect properties are identified, we’ll set up in-person or virtual home viewings without wasting valuable time. Once you show interest in a home, it must be thoroughly inspected for damages and potential problems. In addition, the surrounding area outside the house is evaluated for multiple criteria.